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Symposium about, on and for youth activists

14 december 2013 om 10:30

Symposium about, on and for youth activists

Dear all,

AISA (Amnesty International Studentgroup Amsterdam), SFSA (Students for Sustainability) and SIB (Studentenvereniging voor internationale betrekkingen) are jointly organizing a conference on youth activism on Saturday, the 14th of December at CREA in Amsterdam.

It is often said the young generation is uninvolved, uninterested and uninformed. Certainly, that is true for parts of the young population. But there are also many young people that feel committed and take their stand to have a positive impact on the society. They want to create a more social and sustainable environment. See for example young social entrepreneurs, young political movements, enthusiastic bloggers, “green” festivals, and so on. This shows that there is already a lot of activism going on, but we are sure that there is even more enthusiasm and potential out there.

Therefore we are organizing a conference to show what is already out there and to show what still can be done. We want to bring this together in a conference with inspiring lectures on Youth Activism, workshops on particular possibilities to get active, case studies and challenges by NGOs and companies, panel discussions and many short pitch-presentations by young “activists” about their ideas, approaches and achievements. Our main focus for will lie on the areas International (development) cooperation, Environmental Crime & Sustainability and Participation in Politics.

We are a group of 11 students that is passionately working on making this a day full of inspiration and motivation, showing the creativity and achievements of young people, providing loads of food for thought and ideas for further activities and creating a platform for exchange and networking.

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Symposium about, on and for youth activists
CREA Nieuwe Achtergracht 170 Amsterdam
14 december 2013 om 10:30

CREA Nieuwe Achtergracht 170  Amsterdam